Monday, March 7, 2011

Rite Aid:: Candy Mother Load!!

ra 001

So I walked away with 72 King Size candy bars, 2 packs of Lysol Wipes, Comtrex medicine, Keri lotion, and Gerber Crunchies and Yogurt bites (for Riley Smile)… and my subtotal after coupons… drum roll…. $1.01

King Size Candy are buy 1 get one free
Buy 1 Reese’s or Hershey, Get a free Mini 1/30 RP
Final Cost: 15 cents each (technically both should be free, but the coupon says up to $1.29 and the candy is priced at $1.59)

Lysol Wipes 2/$4
I used two $1 coupons from hang tags
Final Cost: $1 each!

Comtrex $4.99
$1.50 coupon 2/13 SS
Final Cost: $3.49

Keri Lotion $6.99
$2 coupon 1/9SS
Final Cost: $4.99

Gerber Crunchies $2.69

Gerber Yogurt Melts $3.59

Total Before Coupons: 145.07

After coupons and 26 Up Rewards:

ra 004


And… I will receive back a $6 rebate for the Keri lotion, $4 rebate for the Comtrex, and $1 rebate for the Lysol. Not bad for getting $10 back..

Now… what to do with all that chocolate?!?!?

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