Monday, September 13, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles!

Sorry I have been nonexistent on the blog last week. I have been super busy. My birthday was last week.. Happy Birthday to me :)... and we had lots of festivities and other things going on. I will try to be more consistent! Anyway.. on to better news. Get your coupons ready because Harris Teeter will have Super Doubles beginning on Wednesday! What is super doubles you ask? Well the best thing ever! Harris Teeter will double any coupon up to a $1.98. Meaning a coupon with a value of $1.50 will double to $3.00. My favorite coupon so far for this upcoming super doubles is the $1.50 coupon for Pillsbury Sweet moments found HERE.

Don't these just look fantastic? Harris Teeter has these priced at $3.25 so only a quarter after coupons. I have also heard you can get a great deal on these at Walmart because these are on rollback. Let me know if you find a good deal there!

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