Monday, April 6, 2009

I did two transactions... The first was the diaper and wipes deal. I wanted to make sure the $3.00 automatically came off:

blog 003

Diapers $9.99
Wipes 64 count tub $3.00
Subtotal:12.99 minus $3.00 for buying diapers and wipes
I used: $3 FLIP on Huggies Diapers
$3 manufacture (Mailed from Huggies)
$.50 Wipes FLIP
THEN I had planned on using a .75 cent manufacture coupon BUT the Food Lion Coupon machine printed out a manufacture $1.50 coupon on any wipes tub or 144 count.
Total: $1.99 (and tax)!!!WOOHOO

blog 004

Second Transaction:
Colby Jack Cheese $2.99 ($4.99lb)
2 French Loaves $1.89 each
I used $3 off $6 Deli Purchase
Wisk $3.99 I used $2 coupon 3/6RP
Coke $1.39 ($1.89/FREE coupon from Coupon Machine!)
I used $1 catalina. Total: $4.38!

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